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Welcome to Performing Excellence -  a consultancy offering expert and knowledgeable performance and sports psychology coaching throughout Newcastle, Carlisle, Northumberland and the North East, helping you become the best you can be, at times and prices individuals can manage.

I work with anyone who performs – either formally or informally – including athletes and sports people, musicians, singers, actors, dancers, business managers, executives, public speakers – in fact anyone who needs to do better in any aspect of their life, who are aware that the mind, our bodies and our performances are inextricably linked.

I realised early on that information about many of the important skills to help us reach our potential wasn’t readily available.  So you’ll find a library of articles, demonstrations and videos on technique and skills here as a free resource for you to use.

Of course, becoming a consistant high achiever involves some practical change.  Come and join me and learn these extraordinary skills.  I offer exceptionally good training, and people come from all backgrounds to benefit, develop and improve their skills.  Our time together will be well spent, and the benefits will extend beyond our work because it will set the background for your future development and achievement.

Performance Coaching

I offer a specialist coaching service so you can learn the skills to become a consistant, high achieving, mentally robust and resilient performer, so you can perform at your best everytime.  Information about this can be found here.

Group Training and Workshops

If you have a team or group of high performers who would benefit from learning how simple and subtle changes can bring significant improvements then book me for a training seminar.  Information about these can be found here very soon.

Remember, I can set up trainings and courses specifically to suit your needs so feel free to contact me so we can make the best of our time together.

Hypnotherapy and Personal Change

I offer advanced clinical hypnotherapy and personal change work.  Hypnotherapy can help with an amazing range of issues – from weight management and smoking to anxiety control and self confidence.  For more information about how hypnotherapy can help you click here.


Why not browse through the section of resources – I know of many people who have been inspired to use these and become even more effective in their area of expertise.  Whether you’re interested in improving your own skills or your coaching effectiveness you can click here for the latest article – or choose the resources that most interest you from the article categories on the right of this page.  Information for these is drawn from my own experiences as a sports psychologist, performance coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer and hypnotherapist.  To keep up to date I invite you to receive your free resources newsletter by completing the ’subscribe me’ box on the right.

I am based in the North of England.  I often work in Newcastle, Carlisle, and throughout the North East.  With easy access to the rest of England, Scotland and Wales it’s easy for us to plan to meet your needs.

For more information on how we can make the best of our time together please get in touch.

Email – Kim@performingexcellence.co.uk

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