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Dealing with Fear and Anxiety

Dealing with Fear and Anxiety is a common area of my psychology and coaching work throughout the North East of England ( Newcastle, Northumberland, Carlisle ) and the Borders of Scotland. I’m sure we can all remember a time when we felt anxious, and anxiety stops many people from doing things they really want to. […]

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Weight Loss at the Flick of a Switch

Weight loss using hypnosis and hypnotherapy is well established in the North East, Carlisle, Newcastle and Northumberland. And it comes with celebrity endorsement too.  Claire Sweeney recently appeared in a documentary ‘My Big Fat Diet’, where she deliberately changed her eating and exercise habits.  She changed them from habits that kept her fit and healthy […]

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Quit Smoking without Giving Up?

When practicing hypnotherapy in Newcastle, Northumberland and Carlisle, one of the most frequent requests I receive is to help someone give up smoking.  Not to quit smoking, or stop smoking, but to give up.  And this implies having to make a sacrifice. It’s a bit like shopping.  I was at the supermarket the other week.  […]

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New Year Resolutions

Anyone who offers hypnotherapy in Newcastle, Northumberland or Carlisle is likely to be in demand over the new year.  The North East and Cumbria is frequently highlighted as having some of the worst health statistics in the country.  And this means that more and more people are turning to hypnotherapy to lose weight, stop smoking […]

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Christmas Outcomes

The world is full of people going about their business, doing all sorts of different things, and many of them haven’t really stopped to think ‘why?’  And yet every thing we do is done for a reason, even if we haven’t stopped to think about it yet.  And when we do think about it, we […]

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Body Language – Do You Know Where Your Eyebrows Are?

Body Language and Non Verbal Communication I’ve been on many training and development courses, locally in the North East and throughout the country where the coach has been wearing sunglasses (expecially sports coaches).  I know the importance of protecting my eyes from the harmful effects of bright sunlight, and I know how ‘in the dark’ […]

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Your Conscious and Unconscious Mind

Many streams of psychology and performance coaching use the concept of the ‘conscious’ and ‘unconscious’ mind. We are all aware that we have a conscious mind, and we could all benefit by building trust between it and our unconscious mind.  So what is our unconscious mind?  Our unconscious mind runs everything that we don’t do […]

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Developing a Jedi Mindset

In my experience as a performance coach and sports psychologist, one of the key areas that can affect peoples success is how well they set their goals and targets, and in particular the language they use when setting them.  When we set aims and objectives, either for ourselves or for others, how often did we […]

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