New Year Resolutions

Anyone who offers hypnotherapy in Newcastle, Northumberland or Carlisle is likely to be in demand over the new year.  The North East and Cumbria is frequently highlighted as having some of the worst health statistics in the country.  And this means that more and more people are turning to hypnotherapy to lose weight, stop smoking and control alcohol.

Recently the Daily Telegraph reported that pop star Lily Allen dropped from a size 14 to a size 8, and she credits her weight loss to hypnotherapy, saying “Hypnosis gave me a flat tum – I’ve never been happier!”.  And now that celebrities are experiencing the benefits of hypnotherapy, in Newcastle, Northumberland and Carlisle ordinary people like you and me are also achieving remarkable things.

And I always notice a boost in the number of people seeking hypnotherapy in the North East in January as a result of setting New Year Resolutions.  While many of the most popular New Year Resolutions tackle weight loss, stopping smoking and reducing alcohol consumption, people set themselves targets that address any bad habit or fear.

And I also get to help people achieve their most magical aims.  I recently helped an expectant Mother who wanted to use hypnosis to help her with a natural childbirth, and a man whose fear of water prevented him from developing his canoeing skills to go out with his children.  The Mother experienced a completely natural and easy birth using no gas or drugs, and the man now has a new lease of life and is enjoying his new found energy and activity.  The joy and delight that each of them now has helped me to set my own New Year Resolution – and that’s to continue to develop my skills, using hypnotherapy in Newcastle, Northumberland and Carlisle to help people achieve their resolutions over the next few months and beyond.

Offering clinical hypnotherapy in the North East of England and the Borders of Scotland, Performing Excellence offers performance coaching and change work in all areas of your life to help you perform at your best.  If you’d like further information on how I can help you contact me at-


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Happy New Year.

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