Weight Loss at the Flick of a Switch

Weight loss using hypnosis and hypnotherapy is well established in the North East, Carlisle, Newcastle and Northumberland. And it comes with celebrity endorsement too.  Claire Sweeney recently appeared in a documentary ‘My Big Fat Diet’, where she deliberately changed her eating and exercise habits.  She changed them from habits that kept her fit and healthy to habits that saw her put on 2 stone in six weeks.  She went up by three dress sizes and her blood pressure went from in the ‘very healthy’ range to the ‘high blood pressure’ range that, if it had continued, would have required treatment.

Of all the changes she experienced, from not being able to wear her favourite clothes to the comments she received from her friends and colleagues, the biggest change she noticed was psychological.  She was amazed at how her attitude to food had changed.  What she believed about eating had changed.  How she selected what she ate had changed.  It was as if someone had flicked a switch inside her head which completely changed how she thought and behaved about food.

So, it was clear from Claire’s experience that an overweight and unhealthy person had a different psychology to that of a thin and fit person, in the context of food and eating.  And this is one of the reasons that so many diets fail.  The vast majority of people who are trying to lose weight know what foods they should be eating.  They know they should be building more activity into their lives.  They know the same things that thin and healthy people know.  And yet the majority of the diets fail.  A few people just ‘give up’, others lose some weight, gain even more and the cycle of yo-yo dieting continues.

What more and more people are now realising is that they need help to ‘flick their mental switch’.  And they’re going for professional hypnotherapy in Newcastle, Northumberland, Carlisle, the Borders of Scotland, in fact throughout the country.

If you’d like to find out more about this please get in touch.  Performing Excellence offers clinical hypnotherapy in the North East of England and the Borders of Scotland.  If you’d like further information on how I can help you contact me at-

Email kim@performingexcellence.co.uk

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