Tennis Sports Psychology: Newcastle, Carlisle, North East and Northumberland

Sports Psychology forTennis Players; Newcastle, Carlisle, North East and Northumberland.

Many Tennis playes use a Sports Psychologist to make a real difference to their game – and if you live in the North East of Northumberland then I can help you too!Sports Psychology for Golf

tennis sports psychology

Many common themes are the need to focus and keep concentration when under pressure.  What is it that prevents you from performing at your best and to your ability?

Do you experience critical self talk at the wrong time?  Can you really see yourself taking the shot that will make the difference?

Using principles of Sports Psychology that lead to human excellence, to performance excellence, you can not only increase your ability and performance you can do it more of the time.

Firstly, what the mind ‘expects’ tends to be realised, positive mental attitude really does get you a long way, any serious sports person knows this.

Secondly, if you are evaluating, talking to, or in anyway distracting from what is immediately important to you, in this case your sports performance, you are not giving it 100% concentration.

As a Sports Psychologist I can show you how to

  • Focus and concentrate totally on what you are doing
  • Become self aware so you can improve you technique and skill

so you are in your zone much more often.

So if you play tennis in the Newcastle, Carlisle, the North East or Northumberland and will benefit from an experienced and skilled Sports Psychologist then get in touch.

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