Performance Tune Up

Performance Tune Up sessions provide the coping strategies you need to deal with specific issues which limit your ability at an upcoming important engagement, competition, performance, presentation, audition or interview.

Imagine what it will be like when you know the breakthrough methods allowing you to-

  • Optimize your inner drive for practice and performance.
  • Maintain emotional and mental control for unwavering focus.
  • Improve your communication skills for better leadership and teamwork.
  • Avoid and overcome slumps and other challenges in a successful way.

By sharpening and focussing your mental skills you will quickly notice them working for you in a beneficial way.

On your coaching session you will learn the tools and techniques that you can use to stop yourself holding back and move towards the things that you want in your performance. This is a practical, hands on, full day coaching session designed to give you the skills to change your ways of thinking and doing – to move away from problematic thought patterns and start and continue to focus on what you really do want.  It is taylored specifically to you and to your needs.

How many of these statements apply to you?

You feel over anxious: You would like to be confident and relaxed, to be at your best, but the closer you get to the event, the more anxious you are. You find it frustrating that other people seem to be able to stay in control but somehow you find this difficult.

You imagine the worse: You seem to constantly worry about what’s going to happen.  Maybe you imagine letting yourself or other people down.

Nerves are getting the better of you: You get butterflies in your stomach, maybe your eating habits are affected or you have trouble relaxing or even sleeping.

You feel overwhelmed: It’s all starting to get too much and feels like you’re out of control.  Perhaps other people are starting to notice and you don’t want to let them down too.

People who have booked the Performance Tune Up find that they can:

Feel confident and resourceful: My students sometimes find it surprising how easily they can swap one feeling for another. It seems a bit unlikely that you could swap the feeling of anxiety for a sense of calm, but it is possible (even easy) if you know how.

Look forward to the future and feel good about it: Imagine what it will be like when everything goes perfectly.

Are back in control: People are able to take control of their thoughts and take action to make changes to the way they experience their performance.

Regain physical control: Can eat, rest, train and sleep better.  Other people notice how much you’ve improved too.

What will we do and how will we achieve your aims?

There are three ways in which our time together makes it possible for you to perform better.

  1. You learn practical techniques allowing you to control the quality of your performance – how to concentrate, be positive, flow easily and effortlessly, stay calm and focused, be relaxed yet motivated and in control.
  2. You’ll learn strategies and techniques that work. All the skills and techniques I teach you are based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). In the thirty years that NLP has been in use a wide variety of very effective strategies for managing performances have been developed.  You will learn how to use them.
  3. You’ll learn strategies you can use. You’ll learn how to take charge of your mind whenever you want to. All the strategies are simple to learn and to use. My aim is that you go away from the Tune Up with everything you need to know. You won’t need to phone me, or read a book, or attend another course. You’ll just be able to do it.

So what will happen when you’ve completed the Performance Tune Up?

You’ll have learned new skills which you can combine with your existing ways of working and be able to apply them to any future situations where you might need them.  Imagine having the skills to make your performance even better whenever you need to.

For some people that will be all they want.  Others may choose to continue to develop their skills, perhaps in specific areas and consider other coaching sessions.

To give you the right amount of personal attention and time you can book a miximum of 2 people at each practical workshop.

Performance Tune Up Costs: A 1:1 full day workshop is £200.  Two people can book a workshop together for £140 per person.

Performance Tune Up Dates and Availability: This workshop is set up for you by arrangement.  Please contact Kim for details.

Contact me now to discuss your requirements.

Email –

Phone – 07980 127832

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