Body Language – Do You Know Where Your Eyebrows Are?

Body Language and Non Verbal Communication

I’ve been on many training and development courses, locally in the North East and throughout the country where the coach has been wearing sunglasses (expecially sports coaches).  I know the importance of protecting my eyes from the harmful effects of bright sunlight, and I know how ‘in the dark’ not being able to see your coaches eyes can leave a student and how easily something as simple a wearing sunglasses can limit your ability to communicate effectively.  So when I coach I constantly monitor the non-verbal communication taking place.

One of my favourite comedians demonstrates the importance of body language and non-verbal communication here.

And many of these signals and movements occur at a level below our conscious awareness.  Even the tiniest eye twitch, narrowing, widening or other micro-muscle movement contributes to the meaning of your communication.  So next time you’re coaching, remember where your eyebrows are!

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