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Hypnotherapy and Personal Change Work, Newcastle, Northumberland and the North East

Most people face setbacks or longer term problems at some time in their life.  Many people resolve these quickly and easily using some of the most successful human change techniques available.  If you want to be free from a smoking habit or in control of your weight I can help you.  If you suffer from a fear or a phobia I can help you.  If you wish to improve your self confidence or sporting performance I can help you.  If you suffer from anxiety or stress I can help you.  If you wish to boost your self esteem or be more effective I can help you.  If you suffer from an allergy or have a compulsion or addiction I can help you.

And there’s a lot more too.  People up and down the country are using hypnotherapy for deep relaxation, past life regressions, confidence, public speaking, relationships, enhancing skills, pain management, sexual dysfunction, unwanted habits, depression, life changes, health and healing, pre and post surgery, and post traumatic stress.

Working throughout the North of England (Northumberland, Newcastle and Carlisle) and the Borders of Scotland, my work is always tailored specifically to your needs.  Using a combination of hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming, every session is designed specifically to achieve the changes you desire.  These techniques are safe, very effective and drug free.  The level of physical relaxation you gain from each session is extremely pleasurable and yet you remain fully aware and in control throughout. For an informal, confidential discussion contact me now.



Sessions are usually arranged at your convenience in your own home, or at my practice if that is more convenient.  Bookings can be made by telephone or email.   I run a busy schedule, so if I am too busy to take your call straight away,  please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  It is good to have an initial free telephone consultation before we meet so I can plan to make the most of our session together.

Your Hypnotherapy Session

Our session will last for two hours.  Other expert hypnotherapists offer one hour sessions, but my clients find a two hour session is far more effective and often cheaper in the long run.  Working this way, we can resolve many issues (eg fears and phobias) in a single session.  During our session, you will be fully aware and in control.  The session will be tailored to your specific needs so that you will get the most from it.  We will agree what you should expect from the session and you can monitor your progress over the next few weeks.  At the end of your session I will arrange to telephone you about one month later to monitor how effective the session has been.


The two hour session costs £85.  As this is a two hour session this may be all you will need.  Payment is to be made before the session.


All of my work is guaranteed.  I will arrange to ring you at some point after the session.  If you are disatisfied with the progress you have made you will not pay for your session.

Email – Kim@performingexcellence.co.uk

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